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We will organize your wedding day to the smallest detail. From renting wedding dresses, hairdressing, arranging and decorative services.

We can provide complete gastronomic service virtually anywhere.

We are wedding specialists

When we opened our restaurant in 1992, our first task was the wedding of our neighbor. And that was the wedding that started all those other weddings. To this day, we have done many weddings and each year the number of weddings we have done is increasing. This all thanks to weddings both in our restaurant and done by our catering company at various exteriors.
Every wedding is different to us. It is important to know what the family prefers, what they like and their dietary restrictions or preferences. At each wedding, two families meet usually for the first time and they will begin to get to know each other on the wedding day. That's why I think choosing the right band or DJ is very important.
We work with wedding coordinators, qualified confectioners, gardeners and wedding arrangers. Brides appreciate our long-standing cooperation with wedding salons and rentals of dresses. It's a great and important day and nothing should be underestimated.
All the weddings we did, they had their magic. One of the weddins we prepared was for Kladno ice hockey player and took place at the Kladno Knights Stadium in Kladno. Another interesting wedding for Miss Pardubice we arranged at the Prague Airport in Ruzyně. There was a lot of sparkling wine, strawberries and finger food which all was a great attraction for all passengers in the departure lounge. At the end, the newlyweds changed their clothes, waved goodbye and left for a holiday. Really incredible, just like a fairy tale.
I very much appreciate the registered partnership of two great gentlemen who have chosen to use our services and we could be part of their great day.
One of the weddings, the newlyweds held as a hat party, even the dogs and cats wore little hats! But what I love the most are the weddings at home. These weddings are usually held by people who love their homes, invite a lot of friends and they are all have tremendous time as they are in an environment that is very close to them. Our work is much easier then and the end result is perfect.
I am honored to have been part of various wedding celebrations so many times. By this article, I would like to thank all now married couples, and wish them a lot of health, love and well-being in the years to come.

Pavel Eiselt