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Monday - thursday

Cold appetizers
60 gSmoker salmon tartar art garnished with lettuce,butter89 Kč
100 gCheese plate135 Kč
50 gEnglish roastbeef with devils sauce89 Kč
100 gMozzarela with tomatoes, basil and olive oil89 Kč
60 gHam cocktail with peach, mayonaise and toast68 Kč
60 gChicken coctail with pineapple, mayonaise and toast68 Kč
100 gHam rolls with horseradish cream and raw beetroot68 Kč
100 gCod liver with onion and butter, toast75 Kč
60 gCrab coctail with shrimps, apple, grapes and mayonais, toast89 Kč
60 gMarinated shrimps with color pepper and maynaise with toast89 Kč
100 gTomato stuffed with crab salad75 Kč
Mushroom cream soup with toast42 Kč
Cabbage Soup with Sausage and cream42 Kč
Onion soup with egg white and fried toast35 Kč
Garlic soup with potato and cheese35 Kč
Beef consommé with egg30 Kč
Chicken bouillon with meat and noodels35 Kč
Gulash soup42 Kč
100 gOstrich liver with apple and English bacon79 Kč
100 gGreek meat with lactik milk-zaziky garnished with lettuce79 Kč
100 gBaked potato stuffed with meat mushroom mix75 Kč
100 gFried poultry liver, toast, garnished with onions, tomato70 Kč
100 gMushroom head stuffed with niva cheese and ham79 Kč
100 gGarlic toast39 Kč
150 gDevils toast baked with cheese79 Kč
150 gMeat toast with vegetables and cheese75 Kč
200 gFried cauliflower90 Kč
300 gFrench potatoes baked with eggs, pickle and cream90 Kč
200 gGratinated broccoli with cauliflower in cheese cream115 Kč
200 gFried mushroom89 Kč
Children meals
150 gSpaghetti with ketchup and cheese55 Kč
60 gChicken steak, cooked potatoes72 Kč
60 gChicken steak, 1/2 Fine onion potatoes72 Kč
60 gFried cheese, potato chips67 Kč
60 gFried chicken slice, 1/2 potato chips72 Kč
60 gFilet of chicken baked with cheese, cooked rice72 Kč
Cheese specialties
300 gCheese on skewer from Hermelin,Eidam and Balkan cheese145 Kč
150 gSmoked cheese "Gouda" in beer batter95 Kč
180 gFried Eidam stuffed with ham83 Kč
120 gFried eidam78 Kč
200 gHermelin stuffed with ham83 Kč
160 gFried hermelin garnished78 Kč
200 gPork risotto with stewed vegetables107 Kč
200 gChicken risotto with vegetables and cheese107 Kč
200 gVegetable risotto with mushroom and cream107 Kč
300 gPenne with chicken meat in curry soft cream sauce107 Kč
300 gSpaghetti with Herkules, ham, bacon and Niva cheese107 Kč
300 gSpaghetti with bacon, eggs and cream107 Kč
300 gSpaghetti with meat ragout and parmesan cheese107 Kč
300 gSpaghetti with salmon and cream125 Kč
300 gSpaghetti with ostrich meat, red peppers in tomato sauce125 Kč
300 gPenne with chicken meat and spinat cream107 Kč
300 gPenne with chicken meat and vegetable in cheese sauce107 Kč
Fish specialties
180 gFried Calamary with herb dressing118 Kč
170 gFried crab claws with lemon119 Kč
180 gTiger shrimps wrapped in Japaneese flour200 Kč
200 gPikeperch on butter and caraway225 Kč
200 gPikeperch with cream-pepper overflow225 Kč
200 gSalmon steak with mustard sauce210 Kč
200 gSalmon steak with herbs sauce210 Kč
200 gSalmon steak with dill sauce210 Kč
200 gFried codfish and lemon, garnished110 Kč
200 gFish filets baked with cheese and eggs110 Kč
200 gSlices of salt-water pike with caraway seeds99 Kč
Specialty poultry
150 gStuffed chicken steak "U Smrku" garnished with vegetables120 Kč
150 gFried chicken filled with ham and cheese, vegetables120 Kč
150 gChicken fillets with garlic sauce, vegetables garnished119 Kč
150 gChicken medailons with ermine cheese and ham,onion,mustard,ketchup125 Kč
200 gSalmon rolls with turkey meat, Provensal cream175 Kč
150 gCrab meat rolls with chicken, sauce cream with ham and olive175 Kč
150 gTurkey breast with peach, baked with cheese115 Kč
150 gTurkey breast with cheese sauce, mixed salad garnished125 Kč
150 gFried chicken slices, lemon105 Kč
150 gChicken breast filled with spinat-garlic sauce115 Kč
Specialties of Asian cuisine
150 gRoast Pork with almonds and vegetable, mushroom139 Kč
150 gRoast Pork marinated in honey and color pepper, chilli139 Kč
150 gSpicy meat with green beans139 Kč
150 gRoast Sirloin with black mushroom139 Kč
150 gPork meat with leek and mushroom130 Kč
150 gMeat mix "Masala tandori" with Chinese mushroom135 Kč
150 gChicken chilli pieces with nuts and vegetables135 Kč
150 gChicken mix with vegetables and mushroom and garlic130 Kč
150 gChicken pieces with pineapple and almonds130 Kč
300 gRice noodels with ostrich meat, chilli and garlic147 Kč
300 gRice noodels with beef and mushroom129 Kč
300 gRice noodels with chicken meat, vegetable, Thailand paste129 Kč
150 gPork liver with chilli, vegetable, garlic120 Kč
Specialty pork
150 gFried fillet of pork stuffed with cheese, garnished with vegetable126 Kč
150 gFried fillet of pork, lemon120 Kč
150 gFillets of pork Serbisches style126 Kč
150 gNatural pork steak with mushroom, garnished, salad mix126 Kč
150 gOld Czech style meat mix - liver, leg, bacon110 Kč
200 gFried pork liver with onions99 Kč
Specialty of pork tenderloin and roast
200 gPork tenderloin stuffed with broccoli and green pepper cream sauce190 Kč
300 gFillet of roast pork with gril spices, onion, mustard, ketchup195 Kč
150 gFillets of pork baked with ham, mushroom, cheese hermelin149 Kč
150 gPork tenderloin stuffed with salami and Rokfor sauce149 Kč
200 gSpicy roast pork in honey with green beans, crushed pepper180 Kč
Steaks can be prepared
200 g165 Kč
250 gPork steak with English beans and bacon195 Kč
200 g165 Kč
250 gPork steak in pepper sauce195 Kč
200 g165 Kč
250 gPork steak stuffed with creamed rokfor, vegetable garnish195 Kč
200 g165 Kč
250 gPork kare filled with smoked cheese and ham195 Kč
Specialty beef
150 gMexican meat in salsa with red beans, corn,green pepper149 Kč
150 gKari mixture of stewed steak with onions and mushrooms149 Kč
150 gSpicy marinated meat mix with chilli and pepper149 Kč
150 gSirloin with fried egg149 Kč
150 gFillets of stewed steak with mushroom sauce149 Kč
150 gSteak stuffed with onion salami and mushroom, vegetable149 Kč
Specialty sirloin
150 g230 Kč
200 gSirloin slices with pepper cream sauce280 Kč
150 g230 Kč
200 gSauté of sirloin with poultry liver, bacon and onion280 Kč
150 g230 Kč
200 gSauté of sirloin with leek, mushroom in curry cream sauce280 Kč
150 g230 Kč
200 gSirloin slices with red wine sauce280 Kč
Steaks can be prepared
250 g350 Kč
200 g290 Kč
300 gBeefsteak with fried egg with ham, vegetable garnished380 Kč
250 g350 Kč
200 g290 Kč
300 gBeefsteak with green pepper sauce, red apple cabbage salad380 Kč
250 g350 Kč
200 g290 Kč
300 gBeefsteak with cranberry sauce, with whipped cream380 Kč
250 g350 Kč
200 g290 Kč
300 gBeefsteak with English beans with bacon380 Kč
Specialties for demanding
200 gTartar beefsteak with garlic toast295 Kč
300 gNeedle stuffed roast, chicken, and pork with bacon and onion, vegetable garnish195 Kč
300 gMeat roll with cheese and ham, vegetable195 Kč
200 gMixed grill fillet of pork, chicken, fillet of beef (onion, ketchup, mustard)195 Kč
Specialties venison
150 gDuck á la orange with cranberry garnish, whipped cream265 Kč
150 gDuck breast with bacon, juniper and whole pepper250 Kč
150 gBreast of wild duck stuffed with poultry liver mushroom sauce refined with cream265 Kč
Specialties ostrich meat
150 gOstrich medallions with grilling spices and Viennese onion185 Kč
150 gOstrich steak with pepper sauce and broccoli195 Kč
150 gOstrich steak with mushroom sauce and green asparagus220 Kč
150 gOstrich roll filled with plum sauce185 Kč
150 gSkewer with bacon, onion in picant marinade185 Kč
150 gOstrich hunter with raisins, mushrooms and cream185 Kč
Side dishes
150 gCroquettes35 Kč
150 gStewed rice with ham32 Kč
150 gSpicy American potatoes37 Kč
150 gCooked rice29 Kč
150 gAmerican potatoes35 Kč
Potato pancakes 3pc 37 Kč
150 gPotato chips33 Kč
150 gFried potato slices33 Kč
150 gPotatoes with spinat and garlic45 Kč
150 gPotatoes with cheese and cream45 Kč
150 gCooked potatoes with cabag and smoked meat42 Kč
150 gMashed potatoes with cabbage and smoked meat45 Kč
150 gFine onion potatoes42 Kč
150 gCooked potatoes30 Kč
150 gGlass rice noodle32 Kč
150 gSpicy green beans39 Kč
150 gPasta penne32 Kč
150 gCooked broccoli39 Kč
150 gSpaghetti30 Kč
150 gStewed vegetables39 Kč
150 gStewed rice baked with cheese32 Kč
150 gRolls of mashed potatoes39 Kč
150 gStewed rice with mushroom32 Kč
Dill dressing15 Kč
Herb dressing15 Kč
Devil dressing15 Kč
Spicy mayonnaise15 Kč
Mustard, ketchup15 Kč
Flavored yogurt dressing15 Kč
Mustard dressing15 Kč
Garlic dressing15 Kč
Horseradish dressing15 Kč
Tomato dressing15 Kč
Tartar sauce15 Kč
Lettuce salad with French dressing49 Kč
Vegetable salad with ham and tomato dressing68 Kč
Mexican salad with spicy beans and corn49 Kč
Vegetable salad with dill dressing57 Kč
Vegetable salad with olive57 Kč
Mixed salad57 Kč
Vegetable salad (fresh vegetables)57 Kč
Cabbage salad with chicken slices57 Kč
Spicy Cabbage Salad with ham and cream57 Kč
Cabbage salad with horseradish dressing49 Kč
Cabbage salad with garlic dressing49 Kč
Coleslaw49 Kč
Cabbage salad with carrot49 Kč
Cabbage salad with dill49 Kč
Tomato salad with onion55 Kč
Cucumber Salad49 Kč
Lettuce salad with sour cream49 Kč
Salads suitable as a main dish
Vegetable salad with turkey breast (lettuce, Chinese cabbage,cucumbers, tomatoes, fried slices of turkey breast, yogurt dressing)139 Kč
Salad with crab meat (lettuce salad, corn, carrots, icesalad, crab meat, tomato dressing, lemon)125 Kč
Roast beef salad (lettuce, iceberg lettuce, corn, red beans, roast beef, onion, mustard dressing)135 Kč
Farmer's salad (Chinese cabbage, corn, edam, ham,olives, fresh vegetables)125 Kč
Cheese salad (lettuce, Chinese cabbage, olives, fresh vegetables,olive oil, mozzarella, edam, the Balkans, basil)135 Kč
Chicken salad (lettuce, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, tomato,apple, grapes, yoghurt zaziky, chicken meat)135 Kč
Greek salad (lettuce salad, mixed vegetables, carrots, green and black olives, feta cheese)125 Kč
Italian salad (leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce ham,eggs, mixed vegetables, mozzarella, yogurt dressing)125 Kč
Tuna salad (mixed vegetables, lettuce leaves, tuna, olives, onion, mayonnaise)125 Kč
Vegetable dish (cabbage salad, fresh vegetables, leaf lettuce, dill, tomato dressing)115 Kč
Offer sundaes
Mixed ice cream with strawberry sauce and whipped cream56 Kč
Mixed ice cream with fruit and whipped cream56 Kč
Ice cream with banana, chocolate, whipped cream and coconut(vanilla and chocholate ice cream)56 Kč
Ice cream with chocolate and whipped cream55 Kč
Ice cream with chocolate, whipped cream and egg cognac56 Kč
Ice cream with caramel, nuts and whipped cream (vanilla ice cream)59 Kč
Mixed ice cream with raspberries and whipped cream(vanilla, chocholate and strawberry ice cream)59 Kč
Mixed ice cream with blueberries and whipped cream59 Kč
Offer pancakes
Pancake with chocolate and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancake with raspberries and whipped cream59 Kč
Pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream59 Kč
Pancakes with strawberry sauce and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancake with fruit and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancake with egg cognac, chocolate and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancakes with caramel, chocolate, nuts and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancake with banana, chocolate and whipped cream56 Kč
Pancake with nutela, almonds and vanilla ice cream69 Kč
Chocopancake with peaches and Paris cream69 Kč
Fruit Salads
Strawberries with whipped cream55 Kč
Peach filled with whipped cream and chocolate50 Kč
Banana with nut ice cream, chocolate and walnuts65 Kč
Banana with chocolate and whipped cream45 Kč
Mixed fruit with whipped cream55 Kč
Blueberries and cream55 Kč
Fried chocolate ice cream in vanilla cream70 Kč
Donut ice cream with strawberry sauce and whipped cream70 Kč
Apples in the pastry cream with vanilla and raisins in liqueur69 Kč
Fried apples in cinnamon sugar65 Kč
Banana liqueur in hot with ice cream in coconut crust55 Kč
Fried pineapple with whipped cream60 Kč
Fried banana with chocolate and nuts60 Kč
Hot raspberries and blackberries ice cream with chocolate and whipped cream65 Kč
Hot raspberries with ice cream and whipped cream60 Kč
Coffin with whipped cream40 Kč