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Lamb's lettuce with tomato tartar, feta cheese, toast65 Kč
Baked spicy ermine cheese with grilled veggies75 Kč
Tortilla with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn and avocado dip69 Kč
Smoked trout with butter, spring onion, toast120 Kč
Garlic cream with croutons and green pesto45 Kč
Main courses
300g Spagetti with sirloin, chilli pesto, dried tomatoes and parmesan110 Kč
150g Chicken breast stuffed with nut cheese served with cream sauce, side of vegetables150 Kč
200g Beefsteak with mushroom and bacon cream sauce, side of vegetables270 Kč
Chocolate pancake stuffed with peach, chocolate whipped cream and hazelnuts69 Kč
Coconut icecream with strawberries and whipped cream65 Kč