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Garlic baguette served with a tomato-basil tartar69 Kč
Tiger shrimps tempura served with a spicy sauce69 Kč
Tortilla with beef, chilli, lettuce, beans, sweet corn and cheese75 Kč
Baked camembert in bacon served on mixed lettuce and cranberries89 Kč
Mushroom cream with bits of roasted ham and toast49 Kč
Main courses
200g Pork tenderloin with grilled veggies, garlic baguette189 Kč
300g Zucchini stuffed with minced meat baked with grated cheese, side of vegetables120 Kč
400g Pork steak in spicy spices served with fresh tomatoes and cucumber250 Kč
Vanilla icecream wrapped in nuts serve with melted chocolate59 Kč
Waffles with strawberries, cinnamon-honey sauce and whipped cream69 Kč